Hall of Fame Nomination Form

Your Idaho Trapshooting Hall of Fame Committee is taking nominations for new members to the Idaho Trapshooting Hall of Fame.

All nominations must be made in the form of a narrative.  The submission must include all the qualifications, awards, histories, and activities outlined in the criteria for consideration that is explained below:

  • Shooting Wins and Awards:
    • (Accomplishments as a competitor). Be Specific!! List all major championship and tournaments awards.
  • Contributions to the Sport:
    • List all boards, offices and specific jobs done on behalf of our sport at the local, state and national level, including dates of service.
  • Shooting Background:
    • Provide the nominee’s shooting history starting at the beginning through present date — when, where, and what clubs where home for this shooter.  Include any other accomplishments or historical information pertaining to shooting this would be helpful for considering this nomination.
  • Biographical Information:
    • Include a short life story — birthplace, early life, family, hobbies, occupation(s), community involvement, etc.

Complete nomination documents must be submitted to the Idaho Trapshooting Hall of Fame Board via personal submission to a board member, or mailed to secretary/treasurer
Sue Brayman
602 E Linkershim Dr
Meridian ID 83642
Email: catlady729@aol.com.

All applications received prior to May 1st of the current calendar year will be reviewed at the annual director’s board meeting held in May.  Submissions received after that date will be put into consideration the following year.

New Nomination Form Coming shortly