Virgil & Veva Baldwin

Virgil Baldwin:
        Year Born: 1906
        Year Died: 1996

Veva Baldwin:
        Year Born: 1908
        Year Died: 1992

Year Inducted: 1991

Virgil & Veva Baldwin, of Lewiston, have been involved with trapshooting on a registered basis since 1967, the year Virgil joined the Armature Trapshooting Association (ATA). they have traveled extensively during their shooting career, making the Florida Winter Chain twice, the Grand American eight times, and the Spring Grand in Arizona eighteen times. They have participated in shoots from Florida to California and all points North and South.

Virgil & Veva were the first two people given honorary life memberships in the Lewiston Gun Club. This was in 1971 and the memberships were given in recognition of outstanding participation, service, and contributions.

Virgil became familiar with a shotgun at an early age and before he started to shoot registered targets he attended many turkey shoots and shot quite a bit of practice for the fun of it. He has served as President of the Lewiston Gun Club, President of the Idaho State Trapshooting Association and High Chief of the Hi Yu Indians. He has been an active member of the Hi Yu Indians since 1967 and is a live member of the ATA.

Veva shot one year in a woman’s league but enjoyed the office work and helping the local clubs more. She started cashiering and learning the trade in 1966 and soon was working at the Lewiston Gun Club every day it was open. She cashiered her first registered shoot at Coeur d’Alene in 1967, which was also Virgil’s first registered shoot. She continued to cashier at Lewiston for 21 years and also cashiered at most of the other clubs in the area. She also trained many other people so that the clubs could cashier their own shoots.

Vera served in any capacity needed for the Lewiston Gun Club, the Camas Prairie Association, and the State Association. This included working the scoreboard and even pulling and scoring if necessary. She was well known to shooters for her many years of doing the publicity for the Idaho State shoos and Camas Prairie shoots. A tremendous amount of work went into these fin write-ups for the local papers and for the Trap and Field magazine.

The people they meet and the friends they make are what Vrig and Veva enjoyed the most about trapshooting. They have enjoyed the shooting over the years buy believe that the honors and recognition should go more to those who rather contribute an work for the sport at the local, state, and national level rather than just the best shots.

Virg and Veva have been selected to for the induction into the Idaho State Trapshooting Hall of Fame based on their contributions and accomplishments. For almost 30 years they have been dedicated to the promotion and improvement of the sport of trapshooting. They represent the unselfish and giving attitude that encourages people to try, and stay with, trapshooting. Both have been goodwill ambassadors for Idaho and for Trapshooting wherever their travels have led them and we welcome them, thank them, and wish them much more happiness with their shooting friends.

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