Dale Ball

Year Born: 1929
Year Died: 1994

Year Inducted: 2005

Dale W. Ball began his trapshooting career in about 1954 and was making a name for himself by the early 1960’s. Known for being one of the smoothest shooters in the Northwest, Dale’s first major win came in 1960 when he claimed the High All Around and High Overall Championships a the Idaho State Shoot. He won trophies in Idaho Sate shoots including the Doubles Championship and High All Around Championship in 1964. He also won several class titles in singles and doubles. Dale took third place in the 1966 Grand American Singles Class Championships with a 200 straight in Class AA. He also broke 200 straight in the Grand American Clay Target Championship. These wins led to an All American 1967 Honorable Mention selection for Dale. He was the Montana State open AA Class Champion in 1974 also with a 200 straight.

Over the years Dale posted four major wins a Washington Sate shoots. He captured the preliminary handicap in 1962, High Overall in 1966, the Class A singles in 1972 and garnered another High Overall Championship in 1972.

Throughout the 1970’s Dale flourished at Spokane’s Inland Empire shoots. He won Singles Championship in the 1970 and the Singles and the Singles Championship in 1974. In 1977 Dale dominated the Inland Empire by winning the Doubles Championship, High All Around and High Overall Championship.

At the Camas Prairie tournament Dale won the Calls A Singles Championship 1962, Doubles B Championship in 1966, Singles Championship in 1937, the Preliminary Singles Class A winner in 1970 and Preliminary Singles Class AA in 1976.

Dale made the Idaho State Team for the first time in 1963 and went on to achieve this distinction again in 1965, 1967, 1976, and 1977. He was a director of the Idaho State Trapshooting Association (ISTA) in 1963 and 1964 ans was the Past President of Kamiah Gun Club.

A very friendly and good-natured man, Dale was always quick to lend a hand to anyone, young or old, who were looking for help with their shooting. He had a terrific sense of humor, and just being in his presence would put a grin on your face.

Dale spent most of his working life in the lumber industry. He was also a very good athlete who excelled in football, basketball and baseball in high school. Sadly Dale passed awa at his home in Kamiah, Idaho on August 27, 1994. of a heart attack.

Anyone who ever watched Dale shoot will always remember how easy he made the sport look. He rarley showed any emotion while shooting. Friends and admirers will always remember the calm effortlessness and oh-so-smooth movement in his shooting that made him one of the best of the best in his time.

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