Stuart Welton

Year Inducted: 2004Stuart Welton shot his first registered targets in 1974. He stopped in 1983 when he went to Guam. He married in 1985, and began shooting again. He was introduced by his father Dwayne and both Stuart and his brother, Tony, got their start working at trap clubs to be able to shoot some targets.

Stuart has broken 200×200 singles 18 times, 100×100 doubles 11 times, and 100×100 from 27 yards 8 times. It is difficult to determine all of his wins but here are some of the more notable ones.









Grand American:



    • Prelim Sunday Handicap Junior Champion
    • Class Singles Junior (with a 200 straight) Champion
    • Junior Doubles Champion
    • High All Around Junior Champion
    • HOA Junior Champion
    • Member of the winning Idaho College youth team in the Clay Target Championship




    • AAA Champion Dayton Homecoming




  • Class AAA Doubles Runner-Up

Spring Grand:



  • High All Around Champion

Western Grand:



    • Prelim Handicap 25-27 Yard Champion(Score 99)
    • Handicap Champion Runner Up(Score 99)




  • Doubles Champion (100 straight)
  • Prelim 25-27 Yard Champion (Score 99)

Western Zone:
Stu recorded six wins from 1991 to 2002 with trophies in singles, doubles, handicap and All Around. In 2003, he tied a record with 399×400 and won the High All Around Western Zone Championship. He also won third place in the Handicap Championship with 100.

Golden West Grand:



    • Sub Junior Handicap Champion




  • Sub Junior Handicap Champion

Idaho State:
Stu has won 73 Idaho State ATA trophies beginning in 1977. This includes his first 200 straight as a Junior that won the Singles Championship in 1980. He won 17 years old and had a two bird lead over the rest of the field. In 2001, he won a shoot-off that set the one day ATA record with 625 straight, he also ran all the singles on that day as well. In 2003, he tied the record with a 99 to win the Handicap Championship ans set the state record of 396 to win the High Over All Around Championship. He has won Championship titles in each discipline, High Overall and High All Around several times. He has been on the Idaho State Team 18 times and has been the captain 12 times. He has been captain every year since 1995.

Camas Prairie:
He has taken ten trophies at this dominant shoot since he first attended in 1991. These include open Handicap Championship twice.

Inland Empire:



    • Friday Handicap Championship
    • Inland Empire Championship




  • High All Around
  • Doubles Championship

Stu completed his Grand Slam in 1991 with his first 100 in doubles in May at the Golden West Grand. He was also a member of the 1978 Sub Junior All American Team. Other wins include several PITA State Championship in 1981.

His number of wins at all of the local one or two day shoots is unknown but the number is huge.

Stu may be the best natural trapshooter from Idaho, or for that matter the Northwest, in recent history.

Stu lives in Star, Idaho with his wife Realeen, daughters Tanea and Chandis, and son nick.

Life Time Target Report:

Other Information:

    The follow are ATA records that Stewart Welton Holds:

      • May 25, 2001 – Second longest shootoff in ATA History
          Stu Welton and Ted Schlecht set an ATA one-day singles shoot-off record on May 25th, at the 2001 Idaho State Shoot. Six broke 100 straight in the program and by the sixth round of the shoot-off, only Welton and Schlecht remained. Ted missed his 623rd target while Stu posted another straight in this 25th and last round to end the shoot-off at 625-624.
      • 2009 – Highest Single Season Composite Average (men) = 0.9841
      • 2009 – High Singles Average, one year, men (2,500 target minimum) = 0.9970
      • 2009 – High Doubles Average, one year, men (1,000 target minimum) = 0.9917